The Ann Arbor R User Group is a local community dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience in solving data analysis and statistical problems using R.

R is a language and environment for statistical computing. It is free software that runs on Mac, Windows, and UNIX systems. Many of our members use RStudio as their preferred interface to the R language.

The Ann Arbor R User Group held its inaugural meeting on Thursday, June 19th 2014. Meetups are held about once a month, usually on Thursday evenings. Meetings usually consist of one or two presentations and last about an hour and a half. We encourage people to arrive at the start of the meetup but understand that not everyone can stay for the entire time.

Members of our group come from many backgrounds and familiarity with R. Some members are versed in a variety of statistical methods but have little programming experience, while others have years of experience with other programming languges but are new to R and analytical data science. Many of our talks concern how to use a specific data-science technique in R.