Learning Objectives

Basics of R

R is a versatile, open source programming/scripting language that’s useful both for statistics but also data science. Inspired by the programming language S.

Awesome R tools


Knitr is an R library that allows you to create dynamic code reports.

This BuzzFeed article, reporting on government surveillance planes, included all of their analysis as an R-markdown document.


Shiny is a web application framework built for R.

This is a shiny app to visualize and explore a movie dataset.


RStudio is an IDE- an integrated development environment. It allows us to write, execute, and debug R code. It also has several other nice features, accessible through its GUI (graphical user interface), that make it easier to use R.

RStudio is such a popular tool among R users, that several other languages have tried to emulate it, such as Spyder for Python.

Start RStudio – Let’s start learning about our tool.

Rstudio’s layout includes 4 quadrants

  • Scripts
  • Console
  • Environment/History
  • Plotting/Packages/Help